10 out of 10 on all fronts! I would certainly recommend to others.

Alfredo Nantes Italy

For the shop, delivery, deal and service I give a 9 out of 10 points. I wouldn't recommend the shop quickly because there are not enough products to choose from.

Will The Netherlands

My experience with the Pop-Up Surf Shop is very good. Good quality and a very low price. I can definitely recommend this site to other surfers

Merlijn The Netherlands

Highly recommended!

Patrizia Italy

A 10 on all fronts. Perfecto.

Oscar Spain

I recommend it for sure and I have already recommended it to my friends

João José da R Gonçalves  Portugal

Positive experience! High quality at a favourable price. I can definitely recommend this shop to other surfers.

Frank Hulshoff The Netherlands

A solid 10 on all fronts!

Mariano The Netherlands

Good deal. Good and swift customer service. My board arrived in brand new packaging. Only downside is that delivery only takes place during weekdays. But I could definitely recommend this shop to other surfers, and I have.

Anonymous07 The Netherlands

Perfect deal for me!

Jules France

I love my new board and tailpad. Can't wait until my next session. Great customer support.

Kim Netherlands

I got a great deal and good help. My surfboard arrived after a couple of days and I love it.

Alex Greece

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