Sunova Surfboards Dynamo in Action

We are stoked that we now have SUNOVA Surfboards in stock and ready to be shipped across Europe.

SUNOVA makes high-end premium surfboards and was founded in 1976 in Western Australia by the iconic and legendary shaper Bert Burger.

Bert is the inventor of the parabolic rail that is now adopted by all major surfboard brands. He was also one of the first shapers to design, innovate, and build surfboards with sandwich constructions.

With all of this experience, he co-founded Firewire Surfboards and is the man behind the creation of Firewire’s technology and surfboard design. For which he received the Shaper of the Year award as well.

Now, all of his passion for innovation, design, and shaping is focused on SUNOVA surfboards.

Bert Burger Sunova Shaper of the Year


“To create the best products possible without compromise to achieve performance, durability, and the lightest weight!”

Sunova Surfboards Europe


For now, we have these three constructions available:

Balsaflex: SUNOVA’s original construction. It’s the primary construction for all boards 8ft and over. Some key features are; a lightweight EPS core, parabolic balsa rail, balsa skin sandwich, bio-epoxy resin, and solid balsa nose and tail blocks. Balsaflex boards are functional and forward-thinking.

Morphlex: SUNOVA’s premium performance construction. Developed over the last 5 years, from the ever-persistent pursuit of perfect performance. It’s the primary construction for boards under 8ft. Some key features are; a lightweight EPS core, parabolic balsa/composite rail, balsa skin sandwich, bio-epoxy resin, and solid balsa/composite nose and tail blocks. Morphlex boards have more spring and return when under load, giving you a positive “more flexible” flex pattern.

C2TR3Tec: SUNOVA’s newest surfboard construction (Pronounced as Carbon Tree Tech). It was imagined and created to bring great value for money, with a high-end construction. It is available for all surfboards. Some key features are; a lightweight EPS core, parabolic carbon fiber rail, sustainably sourced Paulownia wood, and bio-epoxy resin. C2TR3Tec boards are functional and forward-thinking.

Sunova Surfboards at the Surfboard Factory
Sunova Construction Detail


The two main layup types for our range currently are:

Standard: Standard weight boards are what is to be believed to be the perfect nexus between weight and strength. They are still very lightweight in comparison to boards of comparable strength and they will stand the test of time. The right layup choice for most of the market.

Team: Team is on the lighter side of standard. It is the choice of many advanced surfers as they are generally pretty hard on their boards, but also require more performance than the standard layup.

It is interesting to mention here that we have a couple of boards in other layups as well. The full range varies from Vapour Light, which is the choice of many top-level athletes, all the way to Bomb Proof, surfed by big wave surfers like Sebastian Steudtner.

Sunova Surfboards Action Snap
Sunova Surfboards Team Air Action


For our first range, we have a beautiful selection of models ranging from a high-performance shortboard to a traditional longboard and everything in between. Of course, we also have a couple of best-sellers like the Moonfish, the 8Ball, the Evolve, the Soul, the Pro, and the Pro T3.

But we’ve also managed to bring the highly anticipated Christian Fletcher models; the Loose Juice, the Doheny, and the Moon Tail. Furthermore, we’ve looked at the European surf and selected a couple of exciting models that we think will be received well such as the Torpedo, the Clone, the Dynamo, the Tanker, the Oldy and what to think of the Long Gun?!

Sunova Surfboards x Christian Fletcher


We have the first exclusive range available now, but SUNOVA Surfboards have a lot more to offer. There are many more shapes, constructions, layups, and designs. In the future, we would like to provide you the opportunity to pre-order anything you want and we’ll make sure we get it to you. Do you want a bright pink Loose Juice in the Morplex construction with a Vapour Light layup and an FCS II fin box setup? NO PROBLEMO!

Sign up for our newsletter, if you haven’t already, and we’ll bring you up to speed when we start collecting these custom orders.

You can visit the SUNOVA Surfboards website for more information on everything they have to offer.


SUNOVA Surfboards are the creme de la creme of surfboard shape, design, and technology innovation. They are the absolute pinnacle of high-end premium surfboards and there isn’t a comparable product on the market to date. Yes, Firewire surfboards show some resemblance to SUNOVA because Bert developed their technology back in the day, but since then SUNOVA has developed and innovated so much that they are simply in their own league now.

Another very strong upside for SUNOVA is that they create everything in their own factory from start to finish according to the LEAN Manufacturing or TPS (the Toyota Production System) principle. This means they control 100% of the process step by step and have attracted some of the most skilled employees in the industry.

Fully transparent!


There are many more things to come from SUNOVA Surfboards in the near future. One of the things we’re looking forward to are the other
Tom Carroll models. We managed to get our hands on an early release of the Bud and have added a sneak peek preview down below.

We can also tell you already that there is a Bruce Irons model coming…

Please let us know if there’s anything in particular that you are interested in from SUNOVA Surfboards. We would love to hear your feedback and see how we can incorporate that into the next range. You can use our chat or drop us a line at


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