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Makai Single Fin Pivotal 9.5" Burnt Orange

Makai Single Fin Pivotal 9.5 Burnt Orange


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Makai Single Fin Pivotal 9.5 Burnt Orange

Pivotal moments call for pivotal single fins. Calling on an outline curve cut for easy turning while maintaining stability, particularly during nose-riding time, this fin equals fun in the sun especially when it’s small. Loosen up a heavier turning board or just get more squirt out of your daily driver.

Material Volan Fiberglass, Resin
Height 9.5″
Base 6.7″


About Makai Fins

From seed to sea…

What started as a spontaneous thought sprouted into a line of surfboard fins that represent our passion for surfing.

With a background spread between Hawaii, Bali and California, surfing and the beach have been a big part of our family for three generations and the inspiration behind Makai Fins.

As a family-owned business, it seemed very fitting and logical to connect our loves in life into a name that combined everything into one.

And that is how Makai was born.

The word Makai comes from a mix of our two children’s names, Makena and Lanikai, both named after beautiful beaches in Hawaii.

In Hawaiian Makai means “towards the sea” and that is exactly where we want you to be!

We hope our collection of handcrafted quality fins stoke you out to go surf!

Stay Salty!

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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