Makai Single Fin Hang Loose 10" Deep Blue

Makai Single Fin Hang Loose 10 Deep Blue


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Makai Single Fin Hang Loose 10 Deep Blue

It’s just a positive fin, it decreases your doubt. 

For surfers who want more power steering to their board while maintaining nose control the Hang Loose is the answer. Utilizing an upright Dolphin fin template really loosens this fin up and puts more twist into your turns. Combined with a forgiving-yet-drivey 7” base gives you nice riding stability especially when shooting under and around whitewater. The canine-like fang tip angle gives more holding power to the fin and no worries about side slipping or drifting.

Surf reports on the Hang Loose have been glowingly positive from recent test ride feedback, matching comments from decades past. Compared to a Pivot or raked fin often chosen for nose ride stability, this fin excels in that area too. Remarks were that the fin anchors nicely in the wave when standing on the upper half or tip of the board. The difference is it doesn’t feel as sticky or stiff as the other fins when whipping the board back around.

Remember though, this fin is 10 inches tall and still might feel challenging to move around for some. On the flip side, a heavier set larger surfer might feel that this fin readily turns on a dime. The general consensus is that compared to other 10” fins the Hang Loose definitely makes surfing maneuvers easier to do.

At 10” this fin works for board lengths anywhere from 9’ to 10’ and up depending on the rider’s weight. More of a sweet spot range would be from 9’4” to 10’0”. Some might prefer combining this fin with a medium width to pulled-in tail surfboard but wide tails work too. The general rule of thumb is to feel out the fin in the middle of the box and then adjust from there.

If you feel surf experience is a prerequisite to enjoy this fin, that is not the case at all. Beginners will jive on this fin surfing whitewater as much as a seasoned vet Hanging Ten down the line. In fact, this is a perfect upper-size fin for novice surfers getting into their first full fiberglass setup. By the same token it is also an ideal pick for cross-stepping noseriders who want a bit more manoeuvring.

Barry Morrison of Inter-Island says, “I ride this fin on my longboard when the premier South Shore Oahu surf spots are on. It’s just a positive fin, it decreases your doubt. It’s confidence-boosting.”

Material Volan Fiberglass, Resin
Height 10″
Base 7″


About Makai Fins

From seed to sea…

What started as a spontaneous thought sprouted into a line of surfboard fins that represent our passion for surfing.

With a background spread between Hawaii, Bali and California, surfing and the beach have been a big part of our family for three generations and the inspiration behind Makai Fins.

As a family-owned business, it seemed very fitting and logical to connect our loves in life into a name that combined everything into one.

And that is how Makai was born.

The word Makai comes from a mix of our two children’s names, Makena and Lanikai, both named after beautiful beaches in Hawaii.

In Hawaiian Makai means “towards the sea” and that is exactly where we want you to be!

We hope our collection of handcrafted quality fins stoke you out to go surf!

Stay Salty!

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