Hydro Fin Black/Charcoal - Small

Hydro Fin Small Black and Charcoal


Hydro Fin Black/Charcoal – Small

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Hydro Fin Black/Charcoal – Small

The original beach fin for body boarding and swimming. 100% floating rubber.

Hydro O.G (Original) Fins

  • 100% Floating Rubber
  • V Rail Design for maximum speed and traction.
  • Drainage for sand and water.
  • Perfect for bodyboarding and surf swimming.

The Hydro V-Rail

Hydro’s patented V Rail Design creates more surface area to increase kick thrust. The fins symmetrical design eradicates leg twist motion allowing longer surfs and less strain/injury to the user.

Combine all this with its comfortable foot pocket, and it’s no wonder waterman all over the world have been choosing to use the Hydro Original Fin for decades.


XS us size  3-5 / eu size 35-37
S us size 6-7 / eu size 38-39
M us size 8-9 / eu size 41-42
ML us size 9-10 / eu size 42-43
L us size 10-11 / eu size 43-44
XL us size 12-13 / eu size 46-47

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm



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