FCS 9' Freedom Helix All Round Ankle Natural/Black

FCS 9′ Freedom Helix All Round Ankle Natural and Black


FCS 9′ Freedom Helix All Round Ankle Natural/Black

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FCS 9′ Freedom Helix All Round Ankle Natural and Black

The FCS Freedom HELIX creates the perfect blend of weightlessness, strength and sustainability in a leash that is one of a kind. This ultra-light performance leash now comes in a variety of cord diameters to make sure you’re covered in any situation.

  • Made with natural BIO-RESIN.
  • Faster. Greener.
  • Low impact construction.
  • High impact performance.

Eco Blend

Part of FCS Eco Blend: At FCS we’ve made it our mission to minimize our footprint by designing high quality products that use low impact, sustainable materials.

The FCS Freedom HELIX leash is part of the latest sustainable innovations and uses a bio-resin material and is corn-based.

Lightweight Cuff

  • Silicone grip print – Reduces slipping around the ankle
  • Neoprene padding – Thin, light and comfortable
  • Slim moulded velcro – Strong and reliable
  • Moulded pull-tab – New finger grip designed for quick release

New HELIX Cord

  • Bio-resin – Sustainable corn-based construction results in a lighter & stronger cord
  • Helix construction – Inner Helix straightens under load to absorb shock & amplifies strength
  • Textured cord surface – Creates smoother water flow resulting in less drag

Strong connections

  • Helix overmould – Maximises strength while providing stretch when strained
  • Reinforced horn – Elongated soft & comfortable horn reduces back foot tangling
  • Slim railsaver – Made with Hypalon and moulded velcro for extra strength
  • Titanium swivels – Super durable, light & corrosion resistant

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm




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