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FCS 7’0 Travel 3 Wheelie Funboard Black and Grey


FCS 7’0 Travel 3 Wheelie Fun Board Black/Grey

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FCS 7’0 Travel 3 Wheelie Funboard Black and Grey

Designed for travel with 3 fish or funboards.


12mm foam body with extra 2mm plastic plate on the nose and marine grade zippers, this cover is purpose designed for comfortable single board travel.


  • Lightweight: lightweight material ​to minimise boardbag weight.
  • 12mm Main Body PE Foam:provides an extra tough layer of protection against impact.
  • 2mm Plastic Plate on Nose & Tail:provides a tough layer of protection against impact.
  • 2 Tone Protection: Custom 600D weighted material with PRC coating creates a water-resistant shield and added barrier to protect the fabric.
  • Padded Rail Protection: internal layer of protection along the zipper path helps to prevent rail damage.
  • Internal Features:compression straps and separation sheets eliminate board movement and damage during transit.
  • Custom Moulded Handle: Folded multi-layered webbing handle with stiff EVA insert is strong, resists twisting and is tapered perfectly to fit the hand.
  • Ergonomic Shoulder Pad: double layered and vented to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.
  • Long-life Marine Zippers: durable, long-life moulded PK Delrin zipper built for strength, durability and resistance to seizing.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
number of boards

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