EQ Sunscreen SPF 50+ KIDS Bio Cosmos - 150 ML

EQ Sunscreen 150 ML 50+ SPF KIDS – Bio Cosmos


EQ Sunscreen 150 ML 50+ SPF KIDS – Bio Cosmos

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EQ Sunscreen 150 ML 50+ SPF KIDS – Bio Cosmos

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Most sunscreens contain chemical filters which can end up in the ocean, proving toxic for marine life, even in small concentrations. EQ uses no chemical filters, parabens, silicone, PEGs, synthetic perfumes or nano particles. We only use pure ingredients, beneficial to and respectful of the environment. These are integrated into a selection of formulas which have been proven non-toxic to marine life. A product of scientific research, the EQ range has been developed under dermatological control, assuring optimum sun protection against damaging UV rays, while still taking the best possible care of your skin. Eco-responsible sun protection for a surf session, a day on the slopes or chilling at the beach with total peace of mind.

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