7'8 Torq Funboard V+ Soft Performance - Futures - 3 Fin - Blue

7’8 Torq Funboard V+ Soft Performance – Futures – 3 Fin – Blue


7’8 Torq Funboard V+ Soft Performance – Futures – 3 Fin – Blue

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7’8 Torq Funboard V+ Soft Performance – Futures – 3 Fin – Blue


The Mod Fun is the ultimate all rounder, promising the best combination of stability and progression. First time surfers will enjoy the stability and easy paddling of the larger sizes. Improving surfers find the rocker and tail shapes on the smaller boards enable easy turning and progression.

The full laminated core ensures a rigid, highly durable board which will out last most other surf boards.

The Volume Plus sizes add another level of accessibility to surfing with mega stability and wave catching buoyancy.

Dimensions Volume
7’4 x 22 3/8” x 3 1/4″ 60.0 ltr
7’8 x 22 7/8” x 3 7/16” 68.0 ltr
8’2 x 23 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ 74.5 ltr


TORQ SOFT DECK: Torq Soft Deck surfboards continue the torq revolution in Epoxy surfboard technology. Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the torq soft technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fibreglass cloth, Epoxy resin and a layer of extruded PE Foam.

The high tech torq composite is constructed in the most advanced molds on the planet creating the most perfect reproduction every time.

Our unique combination of advanced materials, high tech construction and integrated Futures fin boxes creates a board that is both light and extraordinarily strong and durable; ensuring your new torq surfboard will keep you stoked from your first wave to your last.

Fins: Torq Soft Deck surfboards are all supplied with safe semi-soft fins based on the standard hard fin sets. The ModFish comes with 5 fin boxes for either Quad or Thruster set up and supplied with a Thruster fin set as standard. The ModFun and Mini-Long shapes come with 3 fin boxes and a Thruster fin set. The Torq Longboard comes with a 2+1 set up, offering the option of single fin only.

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