Rusty SD - Torq TEC - FCS II - 3 Fin

6’2 Rusty SD – Torq TEC – FCS II – 3 Fin


6’2 Rusty SD – Torq TEC – FCS II – 3 Fin

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6’2 Rusty SD – Torq TEC – FCS II – 3 Fin

The origins of The SD are well documented. June 2016, we delivered a board for the filming of Stab in the Dark, shot in South Africa later that summer. I wasn’t sure who the Pro was. 6’0 190lbs. Maybe Jordy? But he’s a bit taller. I built a modified Yes Thanks. One of Josh Kerr’s models. #46. Puffed up the

Yes Thanks, a little. Moved the thickness flow, balance point, a little forward. Fairly deep single that zeroed out under the rear fin and finished with a slight vee in the tail. Smooth curve that accelerated towards the tail. 6’0   19.25    2.5   31.4 Liters.

The mystery surfer turned out to be Dane Reynolds. “It felt quite a bit different from the other boards I’ve been riding,” remarked Dane. “It’s got a low rocker, hard edges and a pinched deck … It had a lot of speed and drive. It felt like a good board. I got a couple of barrels on it but I couldn’t really do a turn.” “As it turns out Rusty wasn’t the only one experiencing a little identity confusion. Dane actually thought the board was a Creed McTaggart model cut by the hand of Hayden Cox.

Suffice it to say the board could move through a tunnel – just watch that first ride.” If you watch the video, in my humble opinion, Dane surfed the board with solid authority…ripped. A few months later, my son, Clint, named it the SD. Tweaked it a little. Added a bit of rocker. For the last 5 years, it has been one of our most popular designs.

Dimensions Volume
5’8 x 19.25” x 2.4” 29.0 ltr
5’10 x 19.5” x 2.46” 31.0 ltr
6’0 x 19.75” x 2.52” 33.0 ltr
6’2 x 20” x 2.58” 35.1 ltr
6’4 x 20.25” x 2.64” 37.6 ltr
6’6 x 20.5” x 2.75” 40.5 ltr



Torq Epoxy Composite offers performance shapes in our state-of-the-art epoxy layup. These boards have the best balance of Lightweight versus Durability. Using our own unique lamination process, we are able to use a very strong fibreglass lay-up of 6oz and 4oz combined in 3 layered deck and 2 layered base (with a 4 layered rail lap) with a high-density EPS foam but still achieve a board weight that matches a lightweight fibreglass lay-up.

The result is a light but very strong board, with good flex characteristics and as with all Torq’s, excellent value for money.

The TEC shortboards have 2 full layers of fibre over the deck and bottom. On the deck we use an extra 6oz deck patch with gives triple-layer ding resistance, but doesn’t resist the flex along the rail. The addition of a carbon filament stringer and UD carbon twin strips on the base makes these super springy and responsive.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 300 × 120 × 20 cm





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