6'0 Softech Mason Ho Twin - FCS II - 2 + 1 - Marble Swirl

6’0 Softech Mason Ho Twin Epoxy Series – FCS II – 2 + 1 – Marble Swirl

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6’0 Softech Mason Ho Twin Epoxy Series – FCS II – 2 + 1 – Marble Swirl

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6’0 Softech Mason Ho Twin Epoxy Series – FCS II – 2 + 1 – Marble Swirl

The Mason Twin will open your imagination, and inject you with a dose of stoke on every single wave. When it comes to the board’s performance; think fast, loose and free spirited. “This board is opening up new boundaries and opportunities with my surfing. Like before, it was fun surfing close to rocks, now it’s way more fun, I can pretty much glide right over them!” – Mason Ho


  • Epoxy core with single stringer
  • Vacuum glassed with 6oz. cloth
  • FCS II Performance fin boxes
  • High density PE foam deck
  • Ultra-thin soft HDPE slick bottom

Epoxy Core Construction

  • FCS II TOOL-LESS FIN SYSTEM: Tool-less click in fin system for rapid fin changes to suit all levels of surfing ability.
  • VACUUMED GLASS: Multilayered 6oz E-Glass construction across the deck and bottom of the board provides a strong and durable build.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CORE: Precision shaped lightweight EPS foam core to keep the board responsive and easy to carry.
  • SLICK BOTTOM: High impact slick bottom improves speed and projection, while helping to bust through choppy conditions.
  • TIMBER STRINGER: Solid hardwood birch stringer provides strength, rigidity and responsiveness.
  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM DECK: Soft foam on the deck of the board to absorb any impact, which also features a surface that minimises abrasion on the inner leg.

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Dimensions 300 × 120 × 20 cm




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