Premium Quality

All our normal surfboards and hardware in the Pop-Up Surf Shop are 100% new, unused and of premium quality. This means that our products meet all the technical and construction criteria and passed all the factory inspections that manufacturers demand. However, sometimes we get the opportunity to acquire a limited collection of ‘Factory Second’ products that we sell at a great discount.


Factory Second Surfboards

This board is part of a limited collection of Factory Second surfboards. These boards function as intended but have a touch more personality. This personality comes in the form of imperfections in the handwork that is involved in making these surfboards. For example, the colour is not perfect, the logo is in the wrong position or there is a minor fault in the finish. In return, you get a great deal on the price. If you can live with these imperfections, these deals are definitely for you!


Who should buy these boards?

Surfers who want an epic deal on a perfect shape and overall construction, but care less about one or more (minor) imperfections. If you want a board that’s flawless, these deals are not for you.


What are imperfections?

Just before a surfboard gets packed and wrapped to leave the shaping facility, a final inspection is performed. During this inspection, the surfboard is scanned meticulously for any imperfections. As the surfboard is being made, the quality and process are monitored constantly. During different stages, the colours, designs, sanding and finish are done by hand and sometimes mistakes are made. When an imperfection is spotted that is beyond the tolerances for a premium quality label, the board gets labelled as a Factory Second. The board is still handled with care and wrapped and packaged for safe transport.


What about the quality of the product?

Although these surfboards have an imperfection, they still perform as intended. So basically you buy a solid premium quality surfboard with one or more imperfections. Some mistakes are hardly visible while others are more obvious. Sometimes we get boards in a sample colour design without any mistakes at all but still get labelled as such because it’s not the final production colour.


Can you send me some pictures of these boards?

All boards are wrapped and packed meticulously and we want to keep them this way. You can probably understand that it is not possible for us to unpack and repack every board upon request. Especially, because sometimes we can’t even find the mistake. You do, however, get an extra good deal on these surfboards. So if you can live with these imperfections, these deals are especially for you.


How do I know if I buy a Factory Second product?

We will always let you know which products are a Factory Second before you buy one. We indicate this clearly in the product photo and product description.


Do these boards have a warranty?

Yes, all of our products are warranted as stated in our Terms and Conditions.


Can I return these boards?

Yes, you can return these boards under our normal return policy found in our Terms and Conditions. Please note, that if you want to return one of these colour mistake labelled surfboards because you don’t like the imperfection, you have to pay the return shipping costs yourself. Surfboards are considered bulky or large items and are therefore expensive to ship. Always contact us first if you are considering returning a surfboard.

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